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miel honing honey
  • What does "Les Ruchettes" means?
    "Les Ruchettes"  means "small hives"  in french.
  • What kind of bees do you have?
    There are many species but we have A. mellifera carnica bees.
  • Is all honey the same?
    No.  There are different varieties of honey and it depends on the flowers from which the bees have been collecting the nectar.  This will define not only the flavor but also the color and consistency.
  • Why is my honey crystallized?
    Crystallization is a natural process that happens when glucose precipitate.
  • Is honey from "Les Ruchettes" processed?
    No. This is pure natural unpasteurized honey with no additives.
    The honey is extracted and run through a special double honey sieve, mature and bottle.
  • How do bees make such a delicious honey?
    Honey is produced by the worker bees from the nectar of flowers. They transform it by reducing the moisture and adding enzymes.
  • How can I store my honey?
    It is better to store it in a dry place at around +/- 14° C and away from sunlight.
  • Why are bees so important?
    Bees pollinate more  than 80 % of the world plants and food crops so without them we couldn't possible find so much food in nature.
  • How can I support the bees?
    You can buy honey from your local beekeeper,  choose bee friendly plants and flowers for your garden,  avoid  chemicals,  insecticides and fertilizers that can affect the bees or just become a beekeeper.
  • Can anyone eat honey?
    NO, but for more information and in case of doubt,  consult the family physician.