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miel honing honey

Honey - Pure & Natural

In this small-scale beekeeping venture, honey is extracted immediately after collecting the combs from the hives.   

This honey is 100% pure, natural and raw. 

It has not been ultra-processed or pasteurized as most of the mass produced honeys therefore it keeps all the qualities of an artisanal product.


Local Product

Local honey has a unique aroma and superior flavor by nature. 

It has the lowest carbon footprint of any other sweetener.

When buying local honey and other hive products, you have the advantage of knowing exactly where everything is coming from and the story behind each product.


Of  course honey is for me a sweet reason to start beekeeping but the fascinating world of the honeybee is really interesting.
Colony Collapse Disorder is a big concern and as bees are very important pollinators, becoming a beekeeper is a great way to help the bees and our nature at the same time.
Creativity will also take part of this venture when conceiving artisanal products from the hive.